Quirk seduces me every time. The pink velvet, the clean lines, the way light dances on the groin vaulted ceilings… Chic to the max and yet cozy enough to entice relaxed imaginings is a hard feat for the hospitality industry, but Quirk pulls it off with an air of effortlessness that makes you wonder…How did this place come to be?

Capturing quintessential Richmond history by occupying the old Mosby Dry Goods Store in Richmond’s Arts District, Quirk Hotel was opened in 2015  by Katie and Ted Ukrop – owners of Quirk Gallery. The area has been going through what can only be described as a phase of Self Discovery, and this strip of Broad Street is now lined with art galleries, upscale restaurants, and vintage shops. It has been a re-formation Richmond in the 90’s could not have envisioned for itself (maybe city planners could…but I as a child, could not), and one that now attracts visitors and residents to a part of town that once felt forgotten.

Quirk is where I would stay if I were visiting Richmond. Celebrating its home district and Richmond’s reputation as a happening art scene, the hotel features local artists and reclaimed materials in each of its rooms. Quirk Gallery on the first floor welcomes guests to explore new visual dimensions, from modern art to weaving workshops.

So much more than just a place to sleep when you’re not a local, Quirk is a hot spot for cocktail drinkers, downstairs at Maple and Pine restaurant and at the Rooftop Bar. The view of Richmond is stellar and the vibe is a blend of swanky and chill, just like the rest of the hotel.

Quirk is one of my favorite new Richmond institutions. Maybe it’s because the aesthetic is what my dreams are made from, or because the concierge is so warm. Maybe it’s the display of white collars by Ledbury or the gold lettered signage directing guests to meeting rooms named Love and Happiness. I’m pretty sure though, it’s the pink velvet couches beckoning me to lounge in a white halter gown, in a style Alfred Hitchcock might have admired.

The place is dripping in gorgeousness and is undeniably special. Find yourself there if for no other reason than to sit on velvet, stare at the city, and sip a cappuccino while watching other travelers come and go.

At Quirk with a few hours on your hands? Check out See the City: Richmond on Foot.

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