Coming Home from Home

It’s been almost 4 months now, but I recently had an epic adventure across the country. The trip was rather unexpected and partially panic induced due to ever changing and yet…still exactly the same…family dynamics over which I have no control. Although all around stressful it was necessary and let to some pretty fantastic personal…

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The Thing Beyond Acceptance

In the two weeks since I started jotting down those ideas that would become the hypothesis for my current life, I have, in every part of body, soul, and mind, undergone a radical metamorphosis of being. A transformation so thorough that I have struggled (still do) to write about it. The ideas shared in the…

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Just the Day – Sedona

Leave Tempe, AZ at 6:40AM. It’s Sunday. Pick up friend in downtown Phoenix at 7. Via HWY 17 North, make it to Montezuma’s Castle by 8:30. Buy America the Beautiful pass. Yay! Admission is $10/person, we both got in free with the pass. Hike the short loop around prehistoric Sinagua cliff dwellings. Imagine life there.…

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I’ve had writer’s block since before I even started this blog. The common phenomenon feels to me like being stuck inside a block of ice. Seeing what’s around, knowing there is a way through, but being unable to access that way and not knowing why. Maybe not even knowing your frozen. I’m gonna call it…

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Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.

~Jen Sincero

A Woman’s Search for Meaning

For close to a year now I’ve lived without owning a car. I’ve been incredibly blessed by the generosity of Close friends who let me borrow their cars for long stretches and coworkers who (barely knowing me!) offered me their cars to get to Kickball or to run an errand or furnish an apartment, and…

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