A New Kind of Travel Guide – For the Earthy, Intellectual Traveler

What’s the first thing you do when visiting a new town, state, country, region…for the first time?

If you’re anything like me, you want to know a few things right off the bat, and may struggle to find them without scouring the internet for hours when all you wanna do is get out there and take it all in!

Here’s my top 10 list of things I just need to know as soon as I get there:

  1. Where are the herb shops and herbalists?
  2. What’s the best hiking trail? How can I learn about the landscapes?
  3. What native plants are growing here that I’ve never seen before? Is there a plant walk or botanical garden?
  4. Who are the indigenous people and what are their stories?
  5. What’s the best local restaurant spot?
  6. Where are the best vintage and thrift shops?
  7. Are there any cool spiritual/outdoorsy/artsy events going on?
  8. Where can I buy some groceries?
  9. Is there a good independent bookshop nearby?
  10. What can not be missed when visiting?

Is this the stuff you wanna know/see/do too?

If so – let’s explore together, on an adventure of meeting people, plants, and places in a whole new way – a way that promotes understanding the healing traditions of a place, its arts and culture, and how they all were influenced by the local landscapes.

This is a  study in geography, ethnobotany, and pop culture.

If you’d like to contribute or have inquiries, please get in touch!