Welcome to A Different Kind of Coaching.

I help creative entrepreneurs  (wanna-be’s too) and healers get out of their own way by learning to overcome persistent or recurring challenges to their success. Life coaches bring fresh ideas and solutions, and help you look within – because we know you already have the answers. Life happens and we can forget to tap into our own wisdom – but as your coach, I am here to guide you back to that place of access.

Our sessions will happen on the trail, by the river, or in the garden. Our options are unlimited, and your coaching plan will be carefully crafted according to your unique interests and abilities. Direct experience with nature is my primary coaching tool, and is our greatest asset in keeping the energy of our body and mind moving forward.


I am trained as an American Clinical Herbalist and Wellness Coach, and have worked in sales for many years. My career has provided me with a unique combination of skills and perspective in working with business professionals across industries, various states of physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease, and a personal relationship the obstacles to success.

Using these experiences I will help you to stay accountable to your goals so that  you’re able to create the life of abundance, wellness, and creative fulfillment meant for YOU.

Just so you know – I’m certified in Wilderness First Aid, Western Herbalism, and have a ton of experience in the back country. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. To sign up for a session, click here!