Epoch is THE BEST for when you feel a spark of motivation but are teetering on the edge of using it or letting it pass. Tycho captures and presents the essence of wonder in exploring something new, especially a new perception of the ordinary.  Breezes feel more gifted, leaves are new shades of green, the weight room and spreadsheets bestow new opportunities for discovering a feeling of accomplishment.

This album pushes the listener to transform that tiniest of sparks into active observation of and participation in the world around, no matter where one is.

Best suited for: early mornings; when beginning something new while uncertain about how to see it through; road trips through barren, desolate, or depressed places; the first moments of feeling oneself overcoming an ex-lover or other significant loss.

Epoch is the music for the firsts, the new, the uncertain, the determined; for movement from stagnation into growth. It is I daresay, music for the breakthrough.

Listen on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Posted by:Candice

Herbalist, adventurer, lover of Earth and all Her inhabitants

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