Day 1

Spent the entire day not focusing on thoughts, productivity, lost income, or any other normal societal anxieties. I allowed my mind to follow unknown trails and often it ended up in places reminiscent of Cheech and Chong movies or childhood cartoons and even flash backs to psychedelic wonderlands. I smoked weed all day and allowed…

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Struggle and Shame of Common Addictions

August 3, 2019 Dewey AZ Day 2 of writing something for posting every single day and I already am not sure how this brain will generate enough of interest to maintain. But somewhere deep inside there is a reservoir of words waiting for reconcilliation with the world. Notice all those Rs and Ws? I guess…

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The Thing Beyond Acceptance

In the two weeks since I started jotting down those ideas that would become the hypothesis for my current life, I have, in every part of body, soul, and mind, undergone a radical metamorphosis of being. A transformation so thorough that I have struggled (still do) to write about it. The ideas shared in the…

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I’ve had writer’s block since before I even started this blog. The common phenomenon feels to me like being stuck inside a block of ice. Seeing what’s around, knowing there is a way through, but being unable to access that way and not knowing why. Maybe not even knowing your frozen. I’m gonna call it…

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Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.

~Jen Sincero

A Woman’s Search for Meaning

For close to a year now I’ve lived without owning a car. I’ve been incredibly blessed by the generosity of Close friends who let me borrow their cars for long stretches and coworkers who (barely knowing me!) offered me their cars to get to Kickball or to run an errand or furnish an apartment, and…

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When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.


The most important part of a person’s life is how they’re living at the end of it.

The Den of My Creation

I found Margaret Atwood the summer before my senior year of high school. She initiated me into the world of dystopic fantasy and ever since I’ve felt more at home in the post apocalyptic worlds of my imagination than within this realm of relative comfort.  For all my ethereal playfulness and the light I am…

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