Walking down Broad street one day I passed the most unusual shop. Charm School. It was 7 am and therefore not open, but I could not for the life of me tell just what kind of operation resided behind the fresh as mint green door.

With an air of the 1950s and a name like Charm School Social Club, I thought it must be some kind of throwback (like a soda fountain or ice cream parlor), a concept making a major play in Richmond’s fully blossomed foodie scene.

A few days after my initial walk-by, I met some friends at Roaring Pines. We discussed over  a hand crafted Cream Soda the choosing to support businesses who don’t skimp on quality ingredients to save money,or their ethical standards to acquire more of it. And then, they asked if I’d yet had ice cream at Charm School.

I get kind of school girl excited when the dots in my life connect, and to learn that the place which had so hooked my curiosity is indeed a proprietor of the BEST ice cream in town tickled my fancy. 

The friends of mine are friends with the owner, and hearing about his start up was pretty cool. I determined to stop by as soon as I had a reason to reward myself. So I made it happen.

Yesterday I walked 6.5 miles around Richmond so I can write an article about how easy it is to have an urban adventure here. I ended at Charm School, and having skipped lunch I also skipped the cup and went for a cone.

With flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut, Thai Iced Tea,  Toast and Jam, and both dairy and vegan options, Charm School has filled the long empty little space in RVA for an awesome spot to get a creamy cold treat. I went for a scoop of Orange Cardamom (yes it blew my mind in a whole new way) that I can only describe as heavenly, and I count my blessings for it because it’s a seasonal flavor retiring soon.

Charm School Social Club is on Broad Street at Monroe, east of Belvidere. Open til 11pm, I bet it’s jam packed on First Fridays. Go grab a cone and have a look around at the 50’s inspired decor, and even if you don’t have to go, check out the bathroom signs for gee golly giggle.

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Herbalist, adventurer, lover of Earth and all Her inhabitants

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